What A Week That Was!


Apr 2, 2020

The Week God Won the Battle of the Ages In six drama-packed days, God created everything the human eye sees—oceans, earth, skies, and man. Each day, the excitement of anticipation rippled through a universe in the process of being born. But on the seventh day, surveying the perfection of His finished work, God rested. What a week that was! Jacob …

Faith to See


Feb 19, 2020

I live in Missouri, “the Show-Me State.” I was not consulted about this slogan because I was not alive when they made it up. Had I been asked, I would not have voted for it. It doesn’t resonate with me because it reflects a lack of imagination. Demanding proof up front is the best way to stop imagination in its …

The Mystery of the Wise Men


Nov 13, 2019

It’s Christmas Eve and billowing drifts of snow are racing across the frozen waters of Clear Lake. My brother, three sisters, and I are scrambling to get our best clothes on, just in time to pile into our slightly worn station wagon and head to midnight Mass. As the youngest of five children, it was hard to pay attention through …