Give Us This Day
by Herbert Lockyer

Devotionals for each day of the year

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Thirtieth Week: Witnesses

July 25, 2021

Christ Jesus…witnessed a good confession.
—1 Timothy 6:13

As a faithful and true witness (see Revelation 1:5, 3:16; Isaiah 55:4), Jesus was unashamed of the truth, even in the presence of foes. He never compromised. And it was His reliability as a witness that greatly impressed Pilate and led him to work for the release of Christ. Are we witnessing a good confession? An effectual witness depends upon two things, namely, the life of the witness and the object of his witness. The life, death, resurrection, and teachings of Christ are what we have to witness to. (See Acts 1:8; 2:24; 3:15; 5:32; 10:39, 41; 13:31.) As to the life behind such a witness, it must be without spot, unrebukable until the return of Christ. (See 1 Timothy 6:13–14.)

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