A Woman Who Dreams

Overcome Your Own Limits


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Thousands of women dream of developing their talents and abilities beyond their roles as mothers and wives. They want to grow and produce. Some women hide their dreams or decide not to pursue them because they assume they are unreachable. They lose the faith that must accompany every dream.

In A Woman Who Dreams: Overcome Your Own Limits, Omayra Font encourages women to dare to dream, and challenges them to achieve their goals by sharing the practical ideas that have helped her to realize her dreams and achieve balance among life’s multiple priorities.

This charming book includes illustrations of hot air balloons that the author invites her readers to customize by coloring or adding other personal touches.

About Omayra Font

Pastor Omayra Font knows what it is like to face and overcome adversity by standing firm in the Lord in every situation. A successful entrepreneur, she has struck the balance between being a supportive and encouraging wife, a loving and dedicated mother, and a woman of God whose first priority is her pastoral ministry. Omayra is a dynamic preacher of God’s Word. Together with her husband, Pastor Otoniel Font, she leads Iglesia Fuente de Agua... Show More


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