Found in Heaven


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Poetic and simple, Jesse examines one woman’s pain at the loss of her child and the wonderful peace when she discovers him in the arms of angels. Whether you have lost a child, or know someone who has lost a child, this book will bring hope to the places where previously there was only hurt. Let Chris Pringle, through her experience and the experience of others, bring a new perspective to your pain and show you the Great Healer, who has opened the door to heaven.

Chris Pringle is the “first lady of Christian City Church” in Oxford Falls, Sydney, Australia. She founded the CCC movement with her husband, Phil, in 1980. A refreshing voice on the scene of Christendom, Chris has refused to tread the weary path that tends to pigeonhole, and therefore diminish, the value and effectiveness of women in church life. As preacher, pastor, and leader, Chris combines wisdom, insight, humor, and the ability to go where angels... Show More


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