Minding His Business

40 Days to Excellence in Church Management

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The church is not a business—but it often has to conduct aspects of business. When a church needs a lawyer, it hires a lawyer. When it needs a plumber, it hires a plumber. But when it comes to making business decisions, it typically doesn’t consult someone with business expertise. Instead, it convenes well-meaning but often inexperienced volunteers to form a committee that takes a month to make a decision about which color to paint the nursery. Conducting business this way is a vision killer that drains the passion out of creative, relational pastors and ministry leaders.
Bottom line: The modern church is being poorly managed but does not know it. The level of inefficiency and waste in today’s churches is staggering.
Minding His Business was written specifically for churches to convey basic business wisdom, management principles, and the best business practices. Unlike intimidating business textbooks, it includes forty short vignettes designed to be read like a daily devotional. Each chapter deals with everyday challenges and offers real-life examples—derived from the author’s more than thirty years of experience—that show how to (and sometimes how not to) handle each situation of conducting business for the church.
Are you minding His business?

About Don Corder

Don Corder has dedicated his life to making the management and administration of ministries easier for pastors and ministry leaders. His career is highlighted by over thirty years of success in executive leadership with both profit and nonprofit organizations, churches, and ministries. He is a trusted advisor, and he currently leads The Provisum Group, a Christian not-for-profit that helps churches to manage the business needs of their ministry. Don has been married to his wife,... Show More


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