The Rise of Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen

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He was the most unlikely of protégés—a young man with no college or seminary degree and virtually no preaching experience. Yet, Joel Osteen was handed the reins of his father’s lifelong ministry when John Osteen died suddenly in 1999.
Here are the behind-the-scenes details of the miraculous rise of Lakewood Church from humble beginnings in a Texas feed store to becoming the largest church in America. Learn the inside story that catapulted Joel Osteen to prominence as one of the most influential Christian voices of our generation.
From the life and times of John and Joel Osteen, you will learn the power of vision, humility, integrity, faith, and much more.
You will be inspired and encouraged, and never again will you doubt what God can do with those who are fully devoted to Him!

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The Rise of Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen

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