Into the Wilds

By Brent Alan Henderson

Bunk next to Brent as he’s stranded in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness with hungry brown bears circling his tent. Sit at his campfire on the remote African plains, listening to roaring lions on the hunt. Become marooned in the North Pacific Ocean, almost drown multiple times, risk hypothermia, and somehow survive the trip back to the home front—only to face new challenges.

Throughout these adventures, Into the Wilds will help you to discover who you really are at your core, while also providing the necessary tools to enable you to break free from unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and actions. It’s all about identity.

Brent’s firsthand collection of hard-to-top guy stories, along with the lessons he learned from surviving his own personal failures and struggles, make Into the Wilds a book you will read from cover to cover. It will awaken your heart, guide you through the wilderness, and equip you to overcome the harsh realities of the unseen and overwhelming forces of life.

The Dangerous Truth Every Man Needs to Know

I have spent much of my life working with men and gifted teachers of men. I could not relay more strongly how powerful and, more importantly, how effective is Brent Henderson. Brent combines a mix of hard-to-top guy stories from his professional hunting background and adventures with spot-on messages on the most important thing a man needs to know. On top of all this, his humility is genuine and the tools he gives are transformational and transferable.

Randy Phillips

Former President, Promise Keepers

Men are on a quest for identity. 'Who am I?' and, more significantly, 'Who am I in Christ?' Brent Henderson leads us to self-discover answers to these foundational questions. INTO THE WILDS is must-read!

Pastor Keith Wooden

Ovid Community Church, Anderson, IN

Brent Alan Henderson

Brent Henderson is the executive director of and a nationwide speaker, author, professional outdoorsman, and ordained men’s ministry pastor. He’s been featured at hundreds of outreach events, including the Billy Graham Crusade and Promise Keepers. Brent speaks at over forty events per year, including men’s retreats, conferences, wild game dinners, and Sunday morning services. Brent is also a national recording artist, having toured with Dove and Grammy Award-winning artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patti, Avalon, and Crystal Lewis. Brent’s passion is to deliver transformational teaching through the lens of Scripture to help men discover who they are in Christ and to provide them with the tools they need to help others grow, share, and serve in Christ.

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