Checking the Boxes Only You Can Check


May 22, 2024

For some readers, this might be a stunning thought: To make the world a better place you don’t have to reinvent yourself. It’s likely you don’t have to check any of the boxes that are often recommended by experts and non-experts alike: Quit your job. Take a battery of fill-in-the-blank personality tests. Travel to some distant mountain in search of …

There Is No God


Sep 20, 2022

—Psalm 14:1 NLT Do you know this verse? Actually it’s just part of a verse. And when taken by itself, it is totally out of context. If you tried to pass it off as a complete quote from the Bible, most people would instantly recognize the absurdity of such a blatant untruth. After all, the Bible is God’s autobiography. The …

The Foundation of Prayer


Jan 20, 2021

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. (Luke 11:2) The disciples knew Jesus went away alone to pray, sometimes for entire nights, and they witnessed His supernatural miracles and healings daily. It must have had a tremendous impact on them! Luke 11:1–4 tells us that right after the disciples watched Jesus finish another one of His prayer times, they …

Is This the End?


Sep 22, 2020

As I studied the stranger in the mirror, a surge of what I can only describe as pure self-hatred ran through my body. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” I screamed at the teary-eyed reflection staring back at me. I watched the pain darken my eyes as I felt the words jab like a knife; a feeling …