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Lisa Conroy

I am asking prayers for myself and my husband. Mainly for my husband tho. We have been through so much! This August will be married 7yrs. At the beginning of our marriage someone stole my identity. Took out 7 credit cards in my name. Maxed emm all out! Over 35 thousand dollars! We could not pay it. The person who did it is gone. After repeated calls to the individual creditors & and all 3 credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, etc.) some of it has been reduced. But not totally gone. Because of what this other person did to us no one wants to rent to us, or if they do they charge more. The places we could qualify for are not in decent areas. No one will extend credit to us. When our other car broke down the engine died. We had to get another by going to one of those bad credit places. They sold us a lemon! It’s broken down NOW! This happened on Thursday evening. It’s at the repair shop now. And we are waiting on mechanic to get back to us with a price to fix it! Since we have been married we have been homeless.. sleeping in our car.. we have an apartment now but no food! Because we can’t get out to go get anything! We have struggled and struggled for so long!! Reid says hes losing faith he thinks God just wants to umm fxck us! I keep telling him Gods got this! I tell him this is the year God will bless us with a break through! We try & try to do our best! But we are drowning!! Reid is saying now that he may lose his job because he is out of PTO time. And we cannot afford to Uber him to and from work. We have forgiven the person who did this to us 7 yrs ago. But when do we get to stop paying for her mistake?? Please pray for this situation. And that we can get a break soon! It seems like we take a step forward and get kicked in the teeth! Thank you to whoever will pray for us!

Received: February 26, 2022

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