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Shaneka Singh

Good Day Minister Joshua and Janet Mills,

I am strongly in need of an urgent leading of GOD for my life and daughter's life, my new business that has been held down by the devil and demonic forces from generating profits, on the brink of being homeless, barely any food to eat. Sometimes I feel like the best thing for me to do is leave this earth. Because it is just not working out for me and I am exhausted from trying to reach GOD because HE is not giving me the help I need. I don't want to be brutally raped again nor for my daughter to be sexually perverted again. I had to run away from an abusive and perverted marriage and up until this day I and my daughter are not safe because my soon to be ex-husband is constantly harassing us and we are not being protected by the justice system in Jamaica. So I don't know if GOD Truly cares for and about people like me and my daughter, even though I am Jewish in ancestry line. My daughter has been going through autism. She is 5 years going on six soon.

I am tired of trying to get help from established businesses to help raise cash for the tools I need for my business to make profits because all they do is ignore my cry for help and I am tired of going to GOD for help because HE doesn't really answer me. So I know HE answers people like you who have it all together and everything is going well for you all. This is not to offend you and your family and if I did I apologize.

I am kindly asking you to ask HIM to deliver me and my daughter from the highest level of fear any human being can ever be plagued with, to be delivered from the demons that has possessed me and my daughter for many years now, to be delivered from poverty and having a scattered life, to be delivered from having to be staying at people's house and now will be homeless a few weeks from now, to be delivered from severe hunger that oftentimes lead to malnutrition, to be delivered from the spirit of offense and unforgiveness, to be delivered from having to beg people for help and to be constantly denied and delayed all the time, to have my business delivered from shame and stagnation and to be delivered from having my soul and my daughter's soul from being dragged into hell by satan and his demons. I already got baptized in 2005.

I ask this favor of you because GOD Will answer you, HE doesn't really speak to me and I am tired of being ignored by HIM. If HE doesn't like me then I would prefer HIM tell me than to keep treating me less than dirt. satan and his demons have taken everything from me and my daughter. The only thing we might have left is our souls which he is going after. So that's all I want to ask of you. I don't know if you will Pray for me and my daughter as I had reached out to other Minister's from Sid Roth's ministry and they all ignored me. I thought they were Prophets that could really see what's going on with people, but unfortunately that's not the case. This is not to offend them. But I guess they don't see me as anybody worth going to GOD for. I Pray you are not like them, as I will not write to anymore ministers of the Gospel as the house of the LORD have all turned a blind eye to my life and my child's life and no one else in the world seems to care anymore. I guess if JESUS was here HE might have helped me and my daughter and we would have been free. If you read all of this message, then I guess I am lucky enough to have a few minutes of your time in seeing me and my daughter's need to be free from the demonic spirits that have us bound. As for the Prayer part it's up to you if you believe that my daughter and I are worth being set free by your King. All the best in your life and ministry. GOD Bless you both in JESUS NAME.



Received: January 19, 2023

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