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Lonnet Minter

Hello, All praise to the Most High God Jesus Christ. I’ve been a searching for Jesus since last August after a encounter with a witch and a apostle that I believe that was a warlock. It really scared me to draw closer to God. Things seem like I was getting closer to Him then a friend distracted me to deliverance ministry. So we went to Miami Fl to see a lady and she wasn’t of God. My friend and I was getting closer to Jesus but she stopped and started to change direction and meanwhile I’m going through issues with my children and my job. I’ve tried praying and fasting. Been having nightmares and even someone touch me as I woke up. I believe it was Jesus but know for sure. I was healed from herpes and things was going kinda good I’ve stop my sexual sin and been repenting also got baptized but somehow some things have changed I haven’t been able to focus and I don’t know how to pray properly and feel the Holy Spirit. My son is going through depression, legal issues sexual sin and other problems my daughter is diagnosed with epilepsy and my oldest daughter has 5 children and my family is under a generational curse of my mother is religious but I don’t see God moving in her. I’m not able to stop smoking cigarettes and have back pain down to my left leg. I tried everything to keep my faith and seek Gods guidance but unable to hear from him I also have hearing loss in my ears. I joined a prayer group for help and support but I’m still alone with no answers. I cry every time I pray sobbing so hard that I can’t control myself. I’m being attacked by the enemy so hard and things are not moving forward but I continue to pray and I try not to lose hope. There’s no one in my family that is in the Faith and I feel like I’m so alone with no support. I am secluded myself from family friends and the world don’t watch TV and read my Bible. I’m trying very hard to believe and be patient and be hopeful but it’s so difficult. Thank you for reading this message and may God bless you.

Received: March 27, 2023

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