5-Star Life

The Faithful Fight to Overcome Obstacles and Pursue Excellence

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Allow Adversity to Refine You, Not Define You

“[Britney Ruby Miller] is a change agent who brings the possibility of transformation to all those she leads and influences. From hostess to CEO, Britney leads with courage and humility and impacts the lives of her employees, family members, community, and beyond.”
—Ford Taylor, Founder, Transformational Leadership

Crisis rarely comes with a warning. When blindsided by trauma, betrayal, or soul-crushing news, it’s natural to want to give up.

Is it possible to rise above calamity and even thrive despite the turmoil? Britney Ruby Miller, entrepreneur and CEO of a nationally ranked, family-owned restaurant group, says yes, it absolutely is.

Having faced family tragedy, peer rejection, infidelity, infertility, and a pandemic that threatened not only to close her family’s business but also to decimate the restaurant industry, Britney battled back with the winning combination of faith and fight that has led to her five-star life.

Britney demonstrates what it means to live authentically and effectively as a strong woman in leadership. With captivating stories and practical applications to lead you deeper into principles for success, this book will show you how to increase your faith and hope in the midst of challenges, setbacks, and even tragedy as you persevere to attain your own Five-Star Life.

“Every battle [Britney] has faced has been hard won. The scars she has received have become the stars she has earned…. Sit down. Relax. Enjoy. Savor. You’re about to experience a delicious meal.”
—Kathie Lee Gifford


Britney Ruby Miller is CEO of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment (JRCE), headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, which manages a portfolio of high-end steakhouses widely regarded as among the best in the nation. She directs the company’s seven steakhouses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, leading a team of hundreds of employees. “When your father is a steakhouse baron, you don’t just show up and take over the family business when you come of age,” she says. Britney... Show More


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