Breaking the Spirit of Delilah

Accessing God’s Power to Topple Ancient Strongholds

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A demonic spirit has placed a slumbering stranglehold on many highly anointed saints in the modern church. Its mission is to stop believers from fulfilling their destiny by seducing, enticing, and berating them so that they fall asleep, forgetting their true purpose and giving Satan an advantage over God’s people.

This is the spirit of Delilah. Although the woman named Delilah in Judges 16 was flesh and blood, a demonic spirit controlled her to bring down Samson, one of the mightiest warriors of the Bible. The spirit of Delilah is still thriving amid God’s people today, conspiring to weaken them and thwart their purpose in Christ.

Prophetic minister Andrew Towe wrote Breaking the Spirit of Delilah: Accessing God’s Power to Topple Ancient Strongholds after an encounter with the Lord in which He revealed the enemy’s agenda to entice believers into a passionless Christianity that is void of power. God commissioned Andrew to expose the spirit whose assignment is to lull God’s warriors into a deadening sleep that leaves them powerless.

Breaking the Spirit of Delilah contains explosive information concerning Christian living, spiritual warfare, prayer, and revival.

  • If you believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not for you…
  • If you believe God does not have a plan for your life…
  • If you’re not sure God’s Word can be trusted…

Then this book is for you! Don’t let the spirit of Delilah make you weak and powerless! Join the fight to expose this wicked spirit and advance God’s kingdom.

About Andrew Towe

Andrew Towe is an emerging prophetic voice to this generation. His bold delivery and explosive preaching are authenticated by his accuracy, integrity, and passion for seeing lives transformed by the power of God. Andrew’s words and ministry are earmarked by the weight of God’s glory. He actively demonstrates God’s power by flowing in the gifts of the Spirit and prophetically declaring the Word of God.  The message of awakening and revival are threaded throughout Andrew’s... Show More


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