Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians

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A life of greater power can be yours! James Gilchrist Lawson examines the ways in which some of the most famous Christians of the ages reached a greater experience of God’s love and power. The impact and influence of John Bunyan, Fénelon, Madame Guyon, D. L. Moody, and many others are here intimately revealed, mostly in their own words.
You will discover how you can…

  • Obtain victory over sin
  • Be filled with the Spirit
  • Find perfect peace and rest
  • Have your every need met
  • Overcome the enemy
  • Acquire boldness to witness for Christ
  • Grow closer to God than ever before

There is a life of spiritual fullness beyond salvation, and God is waiting for you to be receptive so that He can pour out this blessing to you. You, too, can experience the Spirit-filled life today!

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Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians

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About James Lawson

James Gilchrist Lawson (1874–1946) was a prolific British Christian author and compiler. Most notably, he compiled biographical sketches into Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians (1911), a landmark text in Pentecostal and Charismatic history. This book draws broadly from Christian history and the Wesleyan holiness movement to include many post-conversion experiences with the Holy Spirit. Author and professor Dallas Willard said Deeper Experiences was ″the one book other than the Bible that has most influenced me.... Show More


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