From Darwin to Design

The Journey of a Mathematics Professor from Atheism to Faith

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Absolute proof…there is a God!
From Darwin to Design shows how Dr. Cagan, a staunch atheist, gradually began realizing that the laws governing the universe are too precise to point to anything but Intelligent Design. Dr. Cagan presents surprising information that will convince you of the awesomeness of God. He makes Himself evident down to, and including, the minutest part of science and math.
You will see the creative universe as never before! And find:
  • Answers to the debate between creationism and evolution
  • What to tell your children when they ask about science in school
  • How nature and science both point to God
  • Answers for those who think religion is outdated
Here is what to tell people when they ask about the beginning of the world. Dr. Cagan reveals his findings, which will introduce you to the Master Creator as he met Him—through the precise beauty of science.

About C. L. Cagan

C. L. Cagan is a graduate in mathematics from the University of California at Los Angeles (B. A. , M. A. , Ph. D. ). He was a teaching assistant in mathematics at UCLA for several years prior to his conversion. He is also a graduate of the Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (M. Div. ) and the Claremont Graduate School (M. A. , Ph. D. ). His second Ph. D. dissertation was written... Show More


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