Gateway to a Supernatural Life

The Incredible Power of Holy Spirit Baptism


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An Experience That Transforms You and Lifts You into Partnership with God 

Many people are curious about the baptism in the Holy Spirit but are confused or cautious about what it involves. They ask themselves the following: “Is the baptism in the Holy Spirit really necessary for believers?” “Is it available to everyone?” “Is it as relevant today as it was in Bible times?”

Written in an accessible style and incorporating a solid biblical foundation, this book clearly shows how to receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit, whom God has sent to help, guide, and empower you. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is truly the gateway to a supernatural life! Author Jeff Leake addresses these essential questions and more:

  • What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the real purpose of speaking in tongues?
  • Can every believer see supernatural answers to prayer?
  • How does the Holy Spirit heal people from hurt, loss, and feelings of inadequacy?
  • Can the Holy Spirit help overcome addictive patterns?

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is an experience that transforms you and lifts you into partnership with God. Through this book, you will come to grips with the supernatural potential of the Holy Spirit in your life. Read it with a hunger to see God do all that He wants to do through you!

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Gateway to a Supernatural Life

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