The Viking Sagas

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An Epic Novel, Where Legend Comes to Life
Bent on conquest, the great Scandinavian King Canute and his Viking legions invade England in 1016, cutting a bloody path across the peaceful countryside. In an overwhelming show of force, Canute, the feared dragon king, destroys the fair town of Coventry, and a young girl is forced to watch as her once idyllic life is turned into a deadly nightmare.
Ten years later, the young girl has grown into the beautiful Lady Godiva. In the midst of Canute’s quiet empire, she has managed to rebuild her life and town and even find love. But the dragon king rises once more and threatens to devour her beloved Coventry. Caught in the eye of the coming storm, Godiva discovers that she alone stands between Coventry and destruction.
But how much will she sacrifice? Can she save her people without betraying her faith and losing her very soul?

About David Rose

David Rose is the former CEO of Santa Monica Studios. He has been an innovator for more than thirty years. He has produced two theatrical films and developed more than forty screenplays. VisionArt, his special effects company, won multiple Emmys for its work on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. VisionArt shared an Academy Award for producing effects on the movie Independence Day. Rose started his career... Show More


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