Good Kids Gone Bad

Straight Talk from a Prodigal Who Came Home

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Good Kids Gone Bad: Straight Talk from a Prodigal Who Came Home focuses on themes of addiction prevention and recovery geared towards caregivers, parents or individuals caring for those caught in the struggles of substance abuse. The text ties in practical and anecdotal stories along with how God can do the miraculous in helping to change and redeem lives caught in addiction.

Author Joe Maxim has firsthand experience dealing with the darkness of addiction. Both he and his wife Chris have sought to help others recover from their personal battles through their organization Young Overcomers United (YOU).

Maxim sees great benefit from sharing these prevention techniques. He testifies that, “Having witnessed hundreds of situations and from walking with recovering addicts, I believe there are clear warning signs and actionable steps that can be taken long before recovery is necessary.”

For those who may require additional care, steps to recovery are available, and it’s here that Maxim spends more time to better deal with this vital, difficult work. Maxim mentions, “All of the work I do in my ministry is in recovery. While you may not share my calling to help hundreds of young people recover from addictions, you may very well have an addict in your life who you long to see set free from the chains of addiction that bind them.”

This book from Joe Maxim is passion project that will be a great aid in ministering to the souls, minds, and bodies of those dealing with addiction and the people that care for them.

About Joe Maxim

Joe Maxim, aka Big Joe, grew up near Pittsburgh. The youngest of eight children, he struggled with addiction in his early teen years and into early adulthood. When he finally beat his ten-year addiction around the age of 24, he chose to help others do the same – and began Young Overcomers United. It started with one young person in his home and has since become a source of hope for hundreds of young addicts... Show More


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