KJVER Holy Bible, Wave Design, Large Print, Berry Ultrasoft

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The King James Version is the most published and printed translation of the Bible to this day. No other version has ever matched the beauty of its writing or the depth of its meaning. The King James Version Easy Read Bible (KJVER™) is “The Trusted King James in an Easy Read Format.”® It uses the original 1611 King James Version text (based on the Textus Receptus—Received Text—rather than the revised 1881 Greek and Hebrew text).

The KJVER enhances the readability of the classic, beloved KJV by updating some seventeenth-century English words to their twenty-first-century equivalents. Even with these word exchanges, no doctrine has been changed. The KJVER maintains the meaning and integrity of the KJV translation.

The KJVER offers these distinctive features and resources:

  • Words of God highlighted in red in the Old Testament
  • Words of Jesus highlighted in red in the New Testament
  • Hebrew names of God explained
  • Difficult terms underlined and defined at the ends of verses
  • Archaic or obsolete words exchanged for modern counterparts (word-exchange list provided)
  • “Essential Themes String-Reference Bible Study” included in footnotes. With this study, you can follow along with the verse listings for many important biblical themes as they appear throughout Scripture. The topics and subtopics include over ninety different themes, providing much material for Bible study and devotional use.
  • Large-print, 12-point type size
  • Full color maps
  • Weights and measures chart
  • Updated page design for increased readability

The Bible is a book not only to be revered but also to be read wholeheartedly. The KJVER is the same KJV Bible you know and love, made easier to read, study, comprehend, and apply to your life.

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KJVER Holy Bible, Wave Design, Large Print, Berry Ultrasoft

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