Make Fear Bow

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The confident smile, the firm handshake, the air of assurance…
You’ve practiced them all. You’ve trained yourself to keep it together, to never let your guard down. If only you could control your heart and mind the same way! From all outward appearances, no one would suspect that you are trembling inside. Your fear is your darkest secret.
So many times you’ve tried to talk yourself out of the terror that gnaws deep inside at you, but it hasn’t worked. You’re riddled with tension and guilt. You try to move forward, but unseen fears lurk around every corner, causing you to imagine the worst. You’re frozen in your tracks, held captive by fear.
Life doesn’t have to be this way. You can live in confidence and peace. Using time-tested biblical principles, you can conquer your fears and walk in freedom. Discover with Dr. Gary Whetstone how you can Make Fear Bow today!
Dr. Gary V. Whetstone has dedicated his life to helping people experience healing and freedom since experiencing God’s healing touch himself in 1971. He is the senior pastor and founder of Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle, Delaware, and founder of Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries (GWWM). Additionally, Dr. Whetstone has started a branch church in Dover, Delaware. He earned his doctorate in Religious Education. Dr. Whetstone frequently ministers around the world in churches, seminars, and... Show More


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