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Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit

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Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is essential to the Christian life.
It was the Holy Spirit who guided Christ in resisting temptation for forty days in the desert.
It was the Holy Spirit who led the apostles in their first evangelistic crusade at Pentecost.
And it was the Holy Spirit who strengthened Paul for spreading the gospel and establishing the church.
You’re a Christian, you love the Lord, and you daily try to obey Him. But you feel something is missing. Are you walking in the power of the Holy Spirit as Christ, the apostles, and Paul did? Is your desire for intimacy with the Father increasing? Are you passionately pursuing the Holy Spirit’s presence?
Prepare to discover a deeper understanding of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Don’t be lost in this doctrinal tug-of-war. Join Bishop George G. Bloomer as he provides solid, scriptural answers on the Holy Spirit—His person, His fruit, His gifts, His unifying work.
There’s no need to live in confusion any longer. As you begin to walk in this deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit, you will be filled with new wisdom, power, and strength. Prepare to find More of Him and receive the power of the Holy Spirit.
Bishop George Bloomer is the longtime host of Rejoice in the Word on The Word Network and host of The Battleground on Total Christian Television. He is an internationally known conference speaker, pastor of Bethel Life Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina, and presiding bishop of C. L. U. R. T. (Come Let Us Reason Together) International Assemblies. Bishop Bloomer has been preaching for more than forty years in more than twenty-seven countries around... Show More


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