Oral Roberts on Healing

Living in God’s Miracles

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Should we believe in miracles? 

After his miraculous healing of deadly tuberculosis at age seventeen, as well as years of ministering to the sick, noted evangelist Oral Roberts never stopped believing that God is a good God and that we can receive supernatural healing, health, and peace of mind. He encourages us, “Expect a miracle!”

Can I receive healing? 

Based on his experiences in ministry and his study of the Bible, Oral wrote down the principles and steps that have helped countless people to enter into their healing. Oral Roberts on Healing compiles into one book Oral’s most complete and sought-after teachings on the subject, with biblical and practical advice for those seeking healing.

What do I need to know about healing? 

This valuable resource features Oral’s personal testimony of healing and the testimonies of others who were made well, which will help to build your faith in God’s love and goodness toward you. It covers a full range of topics related to healing, such as prayer, faith, forgiveness, making peace with your past, trusting God as your Source, recognizing false mindsets, addressing negative emotions, understanding where medicine and prayer converge, what to do if you’re not yet healed, and applying godly hope.

As you read this book, you, too, will come to believe that God is a good God who wants you to look to Him for salvation, healing, and wholeness. Like Oral, you will come to expect a miracle.

About Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts (1918–2009) was a prominent healing evangelist. He was miraculously healed by God of tuberculosis when he was seventeen, and he felt called to minister healing to others. Roberts married his devoted wife, Evelyn, in 1938 and established the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1947. He conducted healing meetings around the world and, until 1967, throughout the United States as well, using giant “tent cathedrals. ” In 1955, the first prime-time... Show More


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