People Specialist

Biblical Solutions for Real-Life Relationships

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For better or worse, people will define the quality of your life and your future. Everything has to do with people—and how we respond to them. In many of our endeavors, people are the single most important factor in our sense of well-being and happiness.
Yet, even though we depend on the influence, cooperation, knowledge, and affirmation of others—and others depend on us—we are rarely taught how to understand and effectively relate to our family members, friends, coworkers, and others we encounter each day.
In the ideal world, people value each other and nobody judges anyone else, our families are loving and supportive, and we forgive those who offend us. But in the real world, it often isn’t that way. Friends gossip about us, enemies try to undermine us, those who should love us may abandon us, and we sometimes hold on to resentments for years.
When problems or issues arise in relationships, we fall back on our emotions or past patterns of dealing with conflict. We withdraw from other people or lash out at them.
That’s why we need to develop the art of being a People Specialist. International speaker Tiago Brunet has spent years researching and teaching others how to become experts in real-life relationships. In People Specialist, he explains:

  • How to be intentional about building strong relationships in all arenas of life
  • The three spheres of friendship: strategic, necessary, and close
  • How to manage unavoidable and avoidable relationships
  • The elements that lead to a strong and lasting marriage
  • How understanding ourselves enables us to cultivate positive relationships
  • How to see ourselves as others see us
  • How to implement a program of personal development and success
  • Time-tested biblical principles for connecting to others and resolving conflicts
  • How to see the best in others and invest in them

With humor, frankness, and energy, Brunet shows how anyone can become a People Specialist, transforming their own life and the lives of those around them.

About Tiago Brunet

Tiago Brunet is an educator, pastor, and motivational speaker who has ministered in more than forty nations, including Israel, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and various European and Latin American countries. Brunet is the CEO of Destiny Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the founder of the Casa de Destino leadership school, and a business consultant. He has a master’s degree in coaching from Florida Christian University and is pursuing a doctorate in business administration.... Show More


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