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The Power of Praise Can Revolutionize Your Life!
Praise can change your life! In fact, it’s impossible to overestimate the power, victory, blessing, healing, and inspiration available to you through the simple decision to praise God more and to worry and complain less.
In this book, Don Gossett shares his experiences with the powerful practice of praise so that you, too, might…
  • Live in good health and success
  • Defeat discouragement
  • Overcome financial obstacles
  • Receive spiritual protection for your family
  • Experience God’s will for your future
Don’s message has been an inspiration to people around the world. Now, you can unlock the secrets of living a life of praise.

About Don Gossett

Don Gossett (1929–2014) served the Lord through full-time ministry for more than fifty years. Born again at the age of twelve, Don answered his call to the ministry just five years later and began by reaching out to his unsaved family members. Don apprenticed with many well-known evangelists, including William Freeman, Raymond T. Richey, Jack Coe, and T. L. Osborn. Don’s writings have been translated into eighteen languages, with more than 25 million copies in... Show More


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