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Do you have unanswered questions about God and the Bible? Have you ever had trouble understanding what the Word says when you read it? If so, internationally recognized Bible teacher Derek Prince has developed an amazing resource for you. In this updated and expanded edition of his Bible study course, you will find answers to questions such as:
  • How can I know I will go to heaven when I die?
  • How can I have victory over sin?
  • What is God’s plan for healing our bodies?
  • What is God’s plan for prosperity?
  • How can I receive answers to my prayers?
  • What does the future hold for me?
 Even if you have never read the Bible before, you will find this systematic study course easy to use and beneficial for understanding the Scriptures and building a strong Christian life. It includes twenty studies in four sections: “Foundations,” “Deeper Life,” “Israel: God’s Chosen People,” and “The Future.” Each study features an introduction, memory verses, a series of Scripture-based questions related to the topic, an answer key, and notes on the correct answers.

This guide is an excellent resource for new believers or for Bible study leaders teaching the fundamentals of the Christian faith. It is designed to give you practice in searching the Scriptures and finding God’s promises, as well as to train you in analyzing Scripture to find out for yourself its correct meaning and to help you discern whether various spiritual teachings and manifestations are consistent with the Bible’s teachings and examples.

Above all, Self-Study Bible Course will lead you to Christlikeness and enable you to enter into an intimacy with God you may never have known before.

About Derek Prince

Bible scholar and spiritual patriarch, Derek Prince (1915–2003) was educated as a scholar of classical languages at Eton College and Cambridge University in England, and later at Hebrew University in Israel. While serving with the British army in World War II, he began to study the Bible as a philosophical work and, as a result, experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Derek Prince taught and ministered on six continents for more than sixty years,... Show More


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