Smith Wigglesworth on God’s Power

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An encounter with Smith Wigglesworth was an unforgettable experience. This seems to be the universal reaction of all who knew him or heard him speak. Wigglesworth was a simple man, a former plumber, who was used in an extraordinary way by our extraordinary God. During his forty years of ministry, thousands of people came to salvation, received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and were miraculously healed. These miracles included the restoration of hearing and sight, the creative formation of missing limbs, the disappearance of cancerous growths, the recovery of mental wholeness by the violently insane, and the raising of several people from the dead. The miracle-working power of his ministry is captured in this classic collection of Wigglesworth’s sermons and Bible studies. Despite the passing years, they still retain the spontaneous supernatural anointing that would cause Wigglesworth to loudly proclaim his favorite phrase: “Only believe!”

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Smith Wigglesworth on God’s Power

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