Lasting Truth for Trending Questions

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We live in a radically skeptical age. Tough questions are being asked about Christianity. And most believers are ill-equipped to provide the answers our culture and communities desperately need. Many in today’s church do not know the Bible as well as they should and they struggle with their own “big questions” about the faith.
After receiving more than four thousand questions at his Christian Thinkers Society events over the span of six years, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston began to recognize six categories of recurring, trending questions that dominated the rest. In Unanswered, he tackles these tough issues that plague the minds of believers but are rarely addressed in church, such as…

  • Why is it that God often seems to remain silent?
  • How can we trust in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and what does it mean for us today?
  • What do Christians need to understand about suicide and mental illness?
  • How should Christians respond to spiritual darkness and the obsession with paranormal activity?
  • Why is biblical illiteracy so dangerous for Christians and the church?
  • Why do we experience suffering and pain?

 Unanswered will leave you enriched, characterized by a thinking faith, capable to communicate confidently, and committed to escape the tendency to offer trite answers to a skeptical world.

This is a challenging time for Christians everywhere. I am very pleased that my good friend Jeremiah Johnston has written Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions, an insightful book that will have a lasting impact on all readers. His spiritual insights make this a captivating and compelling book. You will be inspired by the truth and encouraged as you seek answers to unanswered questions in your life. —Dr. Jay Alan Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for... Show More


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