You Will Receive Power

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Holy Spirit Power
You were created for glory! Christ came so that you might be restored to the initial glory for which God made you. The whole place of redemption is to put the divine nature back into your spirit, as it was meant to be from the very beginning. As William Law reveals the power of the Holy Spirit to you, he explains how you can:

  • Know Christ as your source of strength
  • Receive your heart’s desires
  • Move mountains with your faith
  • Minister to others effectively
  • Be led by God
  • Have the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Experience the presence of God

Discover how you can have the Christ-centered, Spirit-filled life for which God originally created you.

About William Law

William Law (1686–1761) was an English clergyman, noted for his controversial and mystical writings. He is considered one of the great intellectuals of his time. He was born in England in 1686. He graduated from Cambridge University and became a fellow of Emmanuel College in 1711. His Three Letters to the Bishop of Bangor, in 1717, was the first distinct sign that he was an independent religious thinker. He took a stance against the writings... Show More


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