The Faith of Mike Pence

By Leslie Montgomery

Several books have been published about Vice President Mike Pence, but none have touched upon what may be the most fascinating aspect of our nation’s second in command: his deep faith.
The Faith of Mike Pence offers an intimate look at the man who calls himself “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”
Author Leslie Montgomery details Pence’s spiritual journey and examines how the vice president’s commitment to Christ has been a key component in his life as a husband, father, and public servant. Montgomery examines Pence’s encounters with politicos and evangelistic leaders such as James Dobson and Charles Lake. She shows the role of Pence’s faith in running for various offices, implementing faith-based initiatives, and responding to 9/11, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the infamous Anthrax scare in Congress that directly affected him.

“A new book on how Pence’s evangelical faith shapes and guides the vice president is likely to both cheer those who appreciate his faith and worry those who don’t.… Is Pence a modern-day Queen Esther, serving Trump for “such a time as this”? Did he jump at the chance to be—like a Joseph or a Daniel—a godly influence on Trump? Is he like John, the “beloved apostle?” Or maybe he’s a “paintbrush in God’s hand” to help Trump do the right thing, as conservative activist Ken Blackwell describes it.”

–Maureen Groppe, “Is Mike Pence channeling Queen Esther? Or the apostle John? A new book examines this and more,” USA Today, June 20, 2019

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Leslie Montgomery has written an intimate and fascinating portrait of our nation’s vice president. Through dozens of interviews with those closest to him, Montgomery details the challenges and opportunities Mike and Karen Pence have faced and how their faith has guided them. The Faith of Mike Pence is an inspirational, unflinching, and compelling story for anyone who wants to know the truth about who Mike Pence really is as a Christian, husband, father, friend, and politician. For anyone interested in politics, faith, and the Trump-Pence partnership, this book is a must-read.

Ralph Reed

Founder, Faith & Freedom Coalition

Christianity often receives a bad rap from politicians and the media. However, the basic principles of the faith, if practiced by those who lead our nation, could produce a gentler and kinder society. Christian principles demonstrated by the political leaders of our nation could go a long way in unifying a nation that has been blessed by God beyond measure and yet, divided by those who abuse our society with derogatory language and behavior. The Faith of Mike Pence demonstrates how such principles can be demonstrated in the life of one willing to set the example regardless of the cost. Leslie Montgomery has written an objective analysis of a life being lived by those principles, who is unwilling to compromise. Her motive seems obvious. Not only does she portray a life, but promotes a faith whose principles, if practiced, could change a nation. I have felt deeply honored to be among the interviewees for the book and even more blessed to have been Mike and Karen Pence’s pastor for more than a decade.

Dr. Charles Lake

Executive director, Growth Ministries

Leslie Montgomery has written an intimate and revealing portrayal of our nation’s vice president that has noticeably been absent in previous works about him. Through dozens of interviews with those who are often reluctant to speak, Montgomery details the challenges Mike and Karen Pence have gone through and how they’ve overcome these obstacles through their faith in God. The Faith of Mike Pence is an inspirational must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth about who Mike Pence is as a politician, husband, father, friend, and evangelical Christian.

Dr. Jay Strack

President and founder, Youth Pastor Summit and Student Leadership University Member, President’s Spiritual Advisory Committee

When Mike Pence walks into a room or steps onto a stage, you immediately sense that he is a man who walks with the Lord. You can see it through the compassion in his eyes and the confidence in his step. He knows who he is and he knows who guides him. There are few men I admire more than our current vice president. I would do anything Mike asked of me and I know he would do anything within his power for me. He is a man who is passionate about his family, his friends, his sacred charge as a public official, and his mission as a servant of God. Leslie Montgomery has intricately captured that passion and reveals the heart of our nation’s vice president in such a manner that it leaves you encouraged, inspired, and challenged in your own journey of faith. You simply must read this book!

Doug Deason

President, Deason Capital Services, LLC Advisor for prison reform

Leslie Montgomery

Leslie Montgomery is the author and ghostwriter of over a dozen books, including Were it Not for Grace, The Faith of Condoleezza Rice, A Parents’ Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Equipping Your Kids to Win the Battle, Redemptive Suffering: Lessons Learned from the Garden of Gethsemane, and Engaging the Enemy: The Christian Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare. She has been a writer for Focus on the Family for over eighteen years and is the former Director of Publications for the American Association of Christian Counselors. Leslie is the mother of four and grandmother of six children. She resides in Boise, Idaho.