F. B. Meyer

F. B. Meyer (1847–1929) was one of the most knowledgeable and influential scholars of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Born in England, Dr. Meyer accepted the Lord as a child. He authored more than seventy books and thirty-five booklets. In addition, he edited several magazines, including Worship and Work and Christian Treasure and wrote prefaces for more than twenty literary works. He is chiefly remembered for his Bible biographies. Besides his literary endeavors, Dr. Meyer held pastorates in Leicester, York, and London. His ministry also included traveling worldwide, preaching and teaching from his extensive knowledge of the Scriptures. Meyer’s friendship with the famous soulwinner D. L. Moody sparked a new phase of evangelism in the author’s life. As a result, the Lord used him to bring many people to Christ.

Books by F. B. Meyer

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