JourneyWise began as the passion project of Dr. Shane Stanford, a Methodist minister and author, and Dr. Ronnie Kent, a board-certified pediatrician and behavioral health specialist. These men, whose Christ-centered friendship and fellowship began nearly forty years ago, wanted to create a platform that would allow leading Christian thinkers, teachers, pastors, and content creators to share insights that would enable people to find their identity in Christ. Its faith-based media network helps people from all walks of life sit at the feet of Jesus and receive life from His Word. JourneyWise is part of the Moore-West Center for Applied Theology, which aims to train laity in biblical literacy, theological dialogue, apologetics, and critical thinking, and in serving through applied theology. It was founded for the purpose of equipping and engaging others to “love Jesus and love like Jesus” in the world.


Dr. Shane Stanford is the founder and CEO of the Moore-West Center for Applied Theology, as well as the president of JourneyWise, the Moore-West Center’s faith-based media network. Along with pastoring congregations in Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee for more than thirty years, Shane served as host of The Methodist Hour on TV and radio, reaching more than thirty million homes nationwide. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in divinity from Asbury Seminary, and he holds a master of divinity degree in theology and ethics from Duke University Divinity School. As an HIV-positive hemophiliac, he has spoken nationwide about AIDS awareness, including on CNN, Good Morning America, and Fox News. He and his wife, Pokey, have three daughters and live near Memphis.

Dr. Ronnie Kent recently retired after a forty-one-year practice as a medical doctor in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and the UM School of Medicine, has been teaching Bible classes in churches for decades, and is the father of three and grandfather of ten. He and his wife, Anne, have been married for forty-four years.

Dr. Ray Cummings has been pastoring churches for more than thirty years. A graduate of William Carey College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, he has a doctorate in ministry with a specialization in church growth and evangelism, and he is the coauthor of The 41 Series devotionals. He and his wife, Amanda, have four children and live in Purvis, Mississippi.

Anthony Thaxton is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, television producer, and painter. He directed the acclaimed documentary Walter Anderson: The Extraordinary Life and Art of the Islander, directed projects with Morgan Freeman and Dolly Parton, and is the producer of Palate to Palette on public television. His photography has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, and Fox & Friends, and his vibrant watercolors have been featured in books and on numerous television programs. He and his wife, Amy, live in Raymond, Mississippi.

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