Mary Ruth Swope

Dr. Mary Ruth Swope is a popular lecturer, author, and nutritionist. Born on October 28, 1919, she received a B.S. in home economics from Winthrop College in Rock Hill, South Carolina, an M.S. in foods and nutrition from the University of North Carolina–Greensboro, and a doctorate in administration from Columbia University, New York City. After serving as a nutritionist with the Ohio Health Department, a member of the Foods and Nutrition faculty at Purdue University, and the Head of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Nevada, Dr. Swope took early retirement to begin a new ministry, Nutrition with a Mission. Through lectures and seminars, she encourages audiences to deny themselves unneeded calories, save the money the calories would have cost, and give it to Great Commission programs and projects. Dr. Swope has made many TV appearances on shows such as The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Books by Mary Ruth Swope

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