Peter J. Madden

Peter J. Madden has served as pastor, evangelist, camp and conference speaker, and worship leader for over two decades. After pioneering churches in both Australia and the United States, he now travels internationally, preaching the message of the cross in crusades, conferences, and churches throughout Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Peter was born in 1961 in Sydney, Australia. His interest in evangelist Smith Wigglesworth was sparked when he first heard Wigglesworth’s name, and the Holy Spirit instructed him that he was to go and learn about the great evangelist. In 1989, after pastoring a church in Wollongong, Australia, he and his family traveled to California and were led by God to old missionary home in Oakland where many great men and women of the faith had stayed in years past. It was there, in an old cupboard in the front room of the house, that he discovered thirty-seven of Smith Wigglesworth’s messages. These sermons are the basis for both Smith Wigglesworth’s Keys to Power and his first book, The Wigglesworth Standard, which has sold over 100,000 copies (also published by Whitaker House). He has established Flames of Fire Ministries to help others kindle the same kind of fire and commitment to God that Wigglesworth and other great revivalists had, so that they also may glorify God and serve others powerfully in the love of Christ.

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