Roxane Battle

As a mental health advocate inside UnitedHealth Group, the largest health care corporation in the world, Roxane Battle knows the journey toward mental well-being starts with being honest about where we are, how we feel, what we want, and what we’re willing to do to get there.

Roxane was on television for much of her adult life. As a news reporter and anchor, she traveled the world and met notable people, from Jay Leno to Mariah Carey to Prince. But shortly after landing her dream job in her hometown of Minneapolis, Roxane’s marriage fell apart. Every day was a battle to keep it together on camera while piecing her life back together at home as a single mom.

After spending decades as an Emmy-nominated television news anchor and reporter, Roxane knows the reality of losing one’s professional identity and the depression that follows.

Today, Roxane speaks to people all over the globe about her mental health journey. To connect with Roxane, visit

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