A Leader of Purpose and Power

A 90-Day Devotional

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Experience a personal revelation of your leadership capacity. Leadership is not an “elite” gift. Every person has the instinct and capacity for leadership. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe offers daily practical and biblical advice for living in the fullness of your leadership abilities—no matter where you are along your path of leadership. Based on his popular books The Spirit of Leadership and Becoming a Leader, this 90-day devotional will help you discover your inherent aptitude to lead and the special qualities of the spirit of leadership. Each day’s devotion features insights and encouragement, a motivating thought for the day, and a Scripture reading. Included are “10 Powerful Attitudes for Leadership.”

Every human possesses the potential to lead, but most haven’t found their passion to lead. Although we all have leadership abilities, we often do not have the understanding, courage, or will to cultivate them. That is why trapped within every follower is a hidden leader. True leadership goes far beyond the mechanics that many leadership programs promote. It has more to do with discovering a sense of meaning and significance and of aligning your life with your purpose to adopt a natural leadership style in the arena of your gifting. Then, you can develop the spirit of leadership, which includes the qualities of passion, initiative, teamwork, innovation, persistence, discipline, focus, confidence, self-cultivation, patience, peace, and compassion, as well as the ability to identify priorities, set goals, and manage your time.

Discover and recover your leadership spirit, enabling you to become A Leader of Purpose and Power.

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A Leader of Purpose and Power

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About Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles Munroe (1954–2014) was an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, educator, leadership mentor, and consultant for government and business. Traveling extensively throughout the world, Dr. Munroe addressed critical issues affecting the full range of human, social, and spiritual development. He was a popular author of more than forty books, including The Power of Character in Leadership, The Purpose and Power of Authority, The Principles and Benefits of Change, Becoming a Leader, The Most Important... Show More


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