Authority Abusers

Toxic Leadership and Its Effects in Homes, Churches, and Relationships

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What happens when authority is abused?
Imagine our nation without police officers.
Imagine our lives without the protection of the badge.
Imagine traveling without stop signs, traffic signals, and roadside warnings.
Imagine no violations, no punishments–a grade school playground without rules, a government without leaders…
You might as well imagine the earth without gravity, because without authority, there would be chaos.
But what happens when authority is misused? Or worse, what happens when spiritual abuse is written off as “authority”?
As surely as the absence of authority produces chaos, the abuse of authority produces destruction. Countless people have fallen victim to the manipulation of power and authority. Lives have been warped forever, marriages have been destroyed, women and children have been abused, and husbands and fathers undermined within the boundaries of their home.
Also, tragically, it’s inside the church–where salvation, healing, freedom, and love should abound–that some of the worst authority abuse takes place. God’s design for authority has been misunderstood, twisted, and manipulated, leaving innocent people as victims and prisoners of controlling, abusive situations. The wounded and weak have been preyed upon, and the guilty have been frightened into submission by leaders who use people to improve their own self-esteem or advance their careers.
Wake up!!! This is not God’s design for the church–or authority.
In this book, Bishop George Bloomer discusses:

  • Gods true design for authority
  • Why people abuse authority
  • The effects of authority abuse in the home
  • How to recognize an authority abuser
  • God’s restoration plan for the abused and the abuser
  • The key to breaking free from the bondage of spiritual abuse


Bishop George Bloomer is the longtime host of Rejoice in the Word on The Word Network and host of The Battleground on Total Christian Television. He is an internationally known conference speaker, pastor of Bethel Life Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina, and presiding bishop of C. L. U. R. T. (Come Let Us Reason Together) International Assemblies. Bishop Bloomer has been preaching for more than forty years in more than twenty-seven countries around... Show More


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