Bible 123s

Wipe-Clean Flash Card Set

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Bible 123s: Wipe-Clean Flash Card Set is a fun way for your child to develop numerical skills in the early childhood years. With these engaging and oversized cards, your child will practice learning and writing numbers from zero to twenty. Each card features a number to trace with the accompanying pen as well as biblical items to count.


  • 26 jumbo flash cards
  • Dry-erase pen

The Inspired to Learn series from Whitaker Playhouse is a perfect resource for parents to share God’s love with their children while also introducing early learning concepts in an entertaining and interactive way. These durable, wipe-clean flash card sets will provide hours of entertainment as children learn counting, the alphabet, color and shape recognition, drawing, spotting differences, and more. Parents will delight in the progress of their little ones as they enjoy the creative exercises.


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