Dream It, Live It

Six Principles for an Awesome Life

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Each of us has an internal drive that grows restless from living a mundane and goalless life. Shane Perry has seen people overcome seemingly impossible circumstances to live the life of their dreams. These people are not special or separate from the rest of us. They are, in fact, just like us with only one difference—they dared to capture a vision in their minds and to hold it there until it became a reality.

Shane Perry has followed the principles in this book. They have worked for him, time and time again. They are timeless truths rooted in Scripture, and they carry great validity when followed and applied. We were all put on earth for a purpose and we each have been given the tools to follow that purpose. By following the six principles outlined in this book, you can live the awesome life you were meant to live. But this will only happen when you get a revelation of who you are and of what God has specifically created you to do in this life. Then you can formulate a vision, complete with goals and plans, that will chart the course to get you there.

About Shane Perry

Shane Perry Sr. is a man of focus, passion, and vision. He is a promoter of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the advancement of His kingdom on earth. He is known for his love of people and passion for ministry. He travels the world preaching a message of hope and teaching the masses how to find God’s purpose for their life. Shane Perry has an incredible approach and insight in his messages and teaches... Show More


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