A Simple Guide to Living a Fanatically Abundant Life

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Shane Perry knows what it’s like to step out on faith, to dream beyond your means and your abilities. He knows what it’s like to feel as if your dream will never happen. He also knows what it feels like to see the dream actually manifest in real life. That’s what this book is all about. You are only limited in life by what you think. You have to see yourself going beyond what you are currently doing. Shane wants to call you to a higher place. He want to summon from within you that great power of purpose that will ignite the vision God has for your life. There are no special people who magically start living their life on purpose. You have to set your mind and your actions on a target and follow that path all the way through to the end. Shane can help you reach your ultimate goals and live a life of fulfillment.

God’s design for your life is to experience a prosperous and fanatically abundant life. He wants to cause you to live in a place of more than enough, of overflow. As we learn to construct our vision according to God’s plan, we will learn how to write a vision that covers every area of our life. You’ll learn how to write a vision for your ideal weight and optimal health. You’ll discover how to heal from the pain of your past and experience true freedom. Finally, you’ll set financial goals, anything from being debt-free to achieving a life of financial independence and security. The great thing about writing out your vision is that you are free to deal with any aspect of your life that you want to change. Follow the pattern Shane lays out and prepare yourself for an amazing shift in your life. Get ready to experience God’s best for your life by following these biblical principles that are guaranteed to yield positive results.

About Shane Perry

Shane Perry Sr. is a man of focus, passion, and vision. He is a promoter of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the advancement of His kingdom on earth. He is known for his love of people and passion for ministry. He travels the world preaching a message of hope and teaching the masses how to find God’s purpose for their life. Shane Perry has an incredible approach and insight in his messages and teaches... Show More


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