I Hope It's Not Hereditary

The Mostly True Stories of My Father Bob Hartley


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“Just as I was about to make a mad dash for the road, Dad came bounding out of the gas station. He tossed me an ice cream sandwich and took a swig out of a sixty-four-ounce cup of his favorite soda concoction: equal parts Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, and raspberry ice tea, with just a dash of hot coffee and maybe a squirt of Tabasco sauce. ‘This is an adventure, Buddy!’ Dad pronounced with a beaming smile. It was incredible how much he was enjoying all of this.
I have always operated under the assumption that my father has a disease. I’m sure there is a scientific word for it, but I just call it crazy. And, apparently, it’s either contagious or hereditary, because the light in his eyes and the hop in his step sparked an excitement in me, as well. I caught the crazy.”
This collection of stranger-than-fiction stories will have you rolling on the floor laughing at the adventures, antics, and aspirations of evangelist Bob Hartley as retold by his often-skeptical son, Jedidiah Hartley. You’ll discover that there’s never a dull moment in the life of Bulldog Bob—whether in the classroom, on the wrestling mat, or in the carpet-cleaning van.
But more than just streaming anecdotes, this book tackles an exploration of the father-son relationship as Jedidiah records his father’s unforgettable incredible life lessons—and then applies them to himself. It’s a journey he will never forget…and neither will you.  
Jedidiah Hartley is an author and screenwriter based out of Kansas City, MO. A graduate of Youth With a Mission’s University of the Nations, Jedidiah was extensively involved in mission work for several years. He was the associate producer of a production company called Chosen and Dearly Loved, where he assisted in the creation of material that was used to raise funds and build awareness for orphans with special needs. His father, Robert Hartley is... Show More


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