Power Principles

The Benefits of a Wisdom-Driven Life

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  “This book is packed with principles and insights for developing your full potential.”
From the foreword by John C. Maxwell

A Wisdom Perspective

The best chance of real success in business, in government, in the family, in our personal goals—in any realm of life—is to develop a perspective that will enhance and expand upon what we already bring to the table.

What we need is a wisdom-driven perspective.

Our society is devouring information and knowledge but starving for the critical viewpoint of wisdom. We don’t really have a leadership problem, a financial problem, a relationship problem, or a problem with any other issue—we ultimately have a wisdom problem. And the only solution is a wisdom-driven outlook. Our outlook—how we perceive reality—really does determine our outcome. 

A Plan for Success
Power Principles by Dr. Dale C. Bronner guides you into the countless benefits of the wisdom-driven life. The time-tested principles in this volume, gleaned from four decades of experience, study, and application, lead you step-by-step into foundational wisdom for building a strong and prosperous life and creating a concrete plan for both personal and professional success. 

A Life of Legacy
The life we live is the legacy we leave. Legacy is not only about the future; it’s about what we are doing right now. When we are successful, it adds value to us, but our significance comes when we add value to other people, lifting them to a higher level in life. Power Principles shows you how to build an intentional legacy, bringing prosperity to the lives of others today—and impacting future generations with the wisdom-driven life.

About Dale Bronner

Dr. Dale C. Bronner is a wisdom authority, life-maximizer, legacy-builder, and inspirational speaker, equipping leaders with time-tested, relatable principles for personal and professional development. Dr. Bronner is a member of the board of directors of John Maxwell’s organization EQUIP Leadership, Inc. He also serves on the board of directors and is part owner of Bronner Brothers Manufacturing Company, Inc. , a multimillion-dollar, family-owned corporation that has been in the hair care business for over sixty... Show More


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