See Yourself Beautiful, See Yourself Happy

An Invitation to Discover Who You Were Meant to Be

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If someone asks you who you are, you probably have a pat answer that tells them what you do. But saying who you are? That’s not always so easy.

In See Yourself Beautiful, See Yourself Happy: An Invitation to Discover Who You Were Meant to Be, Sonia Luna invites you to embark on a journey to discover your true self. As the pastor of a church that reaches thousands weekly, she is known for her strong faith and Holy Spirit anointing.

Through each chapter, Sonia shows her vulnerability, sharing details of her life as a daughter, wife, mother, and minister of the Lord, explaining how everything developed her identity. By way of example, she offers insights into spiritual, psychological, and emotional issues that confront us as life unfolds.

This journey is shaped by our experiences since birth, the influences of our families, the moments that mark us, and the many stages that we go through in our development as human beings.

In an intimate, relatable narrative, Sonia describes how the psychological and emotional wounds that once affected us in our childhood and youth can continue to cause deep traumas that alter or threaten our identity. These can lead to insecurities, fears, difficulty in recognizing our own talents, and unsatisfactory interpersonal relationships.

But Sonia offers reason for hope, affirming that there is not a single life that cannot be transformed by God. She invites you to discover your identity through the “infinite trigger” of Christ. By placing your life in His hands, you will fulfill your divine purpose and see yourself as you are: beautiful, valued, and loved.

“It is only when we understand how valuable we are to God that we start to notice the mistaken concept we had of ourselves,” Sonia says.

Once you see the best in yourself as God does, you will know your true identity as His beloved child. Happiness awaits when you work to achieve the divine purpose He has for you.

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See Yourself Beautiful, See Yourself Happy

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About Sonia Luna

Sonia Luna is the cofounder and pastor of the Casa de Dios Ministry based in Guatemala, which brings together more than 12,000 people weekly. She directs the children’s ministry and the intercession ministry, which responds to prayer requests from all over Latin America, and shares God’s Word on her websites as well as congresses and ministries dedicated to women. With her strong faith and the simplicity of her heart, Sonia’s teachings are characterized by sharp... Show More


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