The True Believer

Character, Duty, and Privileges

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Famed educator, pastor, and abolitionist Asa Mahan wrote his classic book The True Believer as a response to the question: What are the true character, duties, and privileges of a child of God in this life?
In it, Mahan addresses such topics as…

  • The confidence of the believer
  • Attaining the fullness of joy
  • The glory conferred from heaven
  • The doctrine of perfection
  • Receiving instruction from the Holy Spirit

Whether you are a new or longtime believer, Mahan’s zeal and reasoned teaching on the Christian walk will build your faith and deepen your understanding of your relationship with God. 

About Asa Mahan

Asa Mahan (1799–1889) experienced a religious conversion as a young man and retained a preoccupation with personal salvation and sin. After his ordination in 1829, he was installed as minister of the Sixth Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1835, rebellion broke out in Cincinnati among the students of Lane Seminary, a hotbed of abolitionism. Mahan supported the students as the lone antislavery advocate among the trustees. The “Lane rebels,” as they were known, transferred... Show More


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