Voices from the Edge of Eternity

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Dramatic Testimonies of Near-death Experiences and Visions

Voices from the Edge of Eternity is a compilation of the words and experiences of people both famous and obscure just before their deaths. Young and old, great and small, saint and sinner—these testimonies confirm the biblical doctrines of life after death, judgment for the nonbeliever, and eternal life for those who have accepted Christ as Savior.
Included are the experiences of a formidable array of witnesses, such as Martin Luther, Voltaire, John Wesley, Joan of Arc, Thomas Paine, Charles Darwin, Queen Elizabeth I, John Calvin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Peter the Great, and many more.
The agreement among the accounts is remarkable in this fascinating collection of thoughts and experiences that shed light on the life that awaits us after death.

About John Myers

Dr. John Myers was raised in Lawrence, Kansas, a small “Jayhawker” town sitting in the shadow of Kansas University. After high school and three years in the army, “Dr. John’s” undergraduate studies were quite diverse: basics at Bob Jones University; engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and three years of Bible study at Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada. After that, Dr. Myers earned a doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa.... Show More


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