John Myers

Dr. John Myers was raised in Lawrence, Kansas, a small “Jayhawker” town sitting in the shadow of Kansas University. After high school and three years in the army, “Dr. John’s” undergraduate studies were quite diverse: basics at Bob Jones University; engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and three years of Bible study at Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada. After that, Dr. Myers earned a doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. After graduation and an extensive background in several areas of natural, non-toxic healing, Dr. Myers focused his research in the field of medical electronics. He has developed the DHSWT program (Dual-Harmonic Sound Wave Therapy), a unique bio-electronic technology with significant potential. Utilizing the DHSWT program, Dr. Myers is presently concentrating on perfecting a new approach to adult stem cell therapy. Myers’ new work is significant in that it is non-invasive, completely benign, and projects the potential of an inexpensive program readily available to all who need it. Dr. Myers presently lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. Information concerning his research is available upon request:

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