Waging Spiritual Warfare

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Power Over the Enemy
Dr. Richard Ing shares his extensive worldwide experience with unseen and powerful enemies. He exposes how to defeat the deceptions used by Satan whose plan is to destroy your spirit, soul and body.  He also shows how to be equipped for spiritual battle and how to:

  • Bring powerful angels to assist you
  • Identify the enemy’s strategies
  • Break through strongholds
  • Receive divine protection
  • Minister to the oppressed

 By exercising the authority that God has given you, you will discover that you have more power than Satan. Then, you can effectively block his evil attacks and achieve victory.

About Richard Ing

Richard Ing has been married to his first sweetheart, Beatrice, for over fifty years. They have four children. Two are attorneys and two work for the State of Hawaii. Pastor Ing was born and raised in Hawaii, where he resides today. He was a civil engineer before graduating from Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. He recently retired from law practice after forty years. He also owned several businesses, including a real estate... Show More


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