When Shift Happens

Say Yes to Your Next! (Practical Tools for Navigating Change)

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When circumstances in our life change, many of us are left feeling uncertain and uneasy. From pandemics to natural disasters, from personal traumas to workplace issues, we often find ourselves at a crossroads—hurting, blindsided, and confused about what to do.

Michelle McKinney Hammond knows all about life’s curveballs. She’s caught plenty of them. But when she was visiting England for some speaking engagements and the world suddenly went into lockdown mode because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was taken by surprise along with the rest of us. It was time for her to shift gears. Again.

Like a dear friend who’s been where you are now, Michelle offers a calming voice of reason in When Shift Happens: Say Yes to Your Next! Weaving stories from Scripture with tales from her own life, she offers heartfelt lessons, prayers, and reflection questions to help you embrace your next.

When Shift Happens will:

  • Provide practical tools for navigating change 
  • Give you solid spiritual principles for dealing with life’s shifts
  • Enable you to consider the value of mistakes
  • Help you embrace change as opportunity
  • Shift your perspective to expect the best as God redirects

“Mindset is everything when confronted with unanticipated change,” Michelle notes. “You are never out of options unless you choose to be. Emerging cycles all point to one thing—whether you are ready or not, shift happens. It’s not the end. There’s always a next!”

A graduate of the Ray-Vogue College of Design, now the Illinois Institute of Art, Michelle McKinney Hammond makes her home in Ghana, West Africa, and travels all around the world for speaking engagements. Known as the queen of reinvention and empowerment, she has authored over forty books selling over two million copies worldwide, including The Diva Principle; Sassy, Single and Satisfied; 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention; and Secrets of an Irresistible Woman.... Show More


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