George A. Wood

George A. Wood is an ordained minister, pastoral care counselor, recovery ministry founder, and recovery activist.

A former addict and suicide survivor, George has dedicated his life to radically grace-laced, Christ-centered recovery for people struggling with addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts.

He works tirelessly to bridge the gap between the spiritual and scientific communities to help people see recovery differently and build a new baseline for trauma-informed care.

A highly charismatic and sought-after teacher and preacher, George has become a nontraditional recovery authority by founding radically divergent ministries, including the Timothy Initiative and the Sober Truth Project.

The Timothy Initiative is a faith-based ministry and open-ended program that works with men in addiction by providing safe housing and work opportunities. The Sober Truth Project aims to reshape how the world views addiction, mental health, people with suicidal thoughts, and the roles that faith, science, and trauma play in recovery to develop a more empathetic and loving society.

George studied business management at Binghamton and Morresville State universities in New York and mental health and Christian life coaching with the American Association of Christian Counselors. A certified addiction specialist, he is an ordained pastor and pastoral care counselor ordained by Cornerstone Mission Family Church.

George currently works directly with the Sober Truth Project, speaking, consulting, and coaching in order to engage, educate, equip, and empower faith communities, churches, and leaders of all people groups. He also has a successful podcast The Sober Truth, which highlights the meeting of faith and recovery, bringing light and understanding to all of the topics of The Uncovery.

George lives in the inner city in Tampa, Florida, with his wife Julie and a community of brothers and sisters living out the gospel in a radical way. He has seen how the power of community can heal the trauma that causes addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts, so he is focused on mobilizing a generation of believers to go deeper into the Uncovery space.

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