The Uncovery

Understanding the Power of Community to Heal Trauma

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When it comes to Christ-centered recovery, we, the church, have work to do.

Our legalistic, box-checking, one-size-fits-all programs produce astonishingly high failure rates—which means far too many people are left to fight addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts on their own.

This begs some critical questions of the church:
•      Do we really believe transformational recovery and healing is possible?
•      Do we really have the right systems and structures to support struggling people?
•      Do we really carry a kingdom responsibility to restore people gently?
•      Do we really take time to ask God what more He would have us do in the recovery space?

This book is for anyone who can’t offer a resounding yes and amen to each of those questions.

With hearts that beat for those struggling with addictions and mental health issues, authors George A. Wood and Brit Eaton present:
•      A critical reframing of the word “recovery” and an invitation to answer God’s call for more spirit-led, trauma-informed ministry
•      Deeper exploration into the origins of addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts—and the church’s responsibility to bring God’s healing
•      Powerful supernatural testimonies and stories of hope, healing, and life restoration as a result of embracing The Uncovery
•      Practical strategies to help Christ-centered recovery leaders bridge the gap between spiritual and scientific communities to better serve struggling people
•      A loose and helpful framework for embracing The Uncovery message
•      Inspiration for recovery leaders to love and lead in a more inclusive, sacrificial, and Christlike manner while maintaining healthy self-care

The goal of The Uncovery is to help the church—and the world—see recovery through a grace- laced, gospel lens. Some say recovery is the civil rights movement of our generation because believe it or not, recovery is for everyone. And if that statement bothers you? Recovery might be for you, too.

Every single one of us has some trauma or issue from our past that may still be affecting our life today. This book offers readers a not-so-subtle nudge to go deeper in the recovery space for a transformative encounter with Father God to heal from those wounds and lead the promised land life He has planned for us.

About Brit Eaton

Brit Eaton is a content strategist, writer, speaker, discipler, and all-around pursuer of the kingdom of God. She helps corporate, nonprofit, and ministry leaders find the words to say to move people to action. An eager apostle and strong advocate for nontraditional recovery and women in ministry, Brit ministers in diverse, spirit-filled environments committed to unity in the body of Christ. In addition to The Uncovery: Understanding the Power of Community to Heal Trauma, inspired... Show More
George A. Wood is an ordained minister, pastoral care counselor, recovery ministry founder, and recovery activist. A former addict and suicide survivor, George has dedicated his life to radically grace-laced, Christ-centered recovery for people struggling with addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts. He works tirelessly to bridge the gap between the spiritual and scientific communities to help people see recovery differently and build a new baseline for trauma-informed care. A highly charismatic and sought-after... Show More


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