Omayra Font

Pastor Omayra Font knows what it is like to face and overcome adversity by standing firm in the Lord in every situation. A successful entrepreneur, she has struck the balance between being a supportive and encouraging wife, a loving and dedicated mother, and a woman of God whose first priority is her pastoral ministry.

Omayra is a dynamic preacher of God’s Word. Together with her husband, Pastor Otoniel Font, she leads Iglesia Fuente de Agua Viva (Living Water Fountain Church) in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Orlando, Florida.
She is also the founder and director of the women’s ministry New Millennium Women, which provides practical tools for the development of women through conferences and retreats.

Omayra is also the executive director of the Fountain Christian Bilingual School of Carolina, director of the Avanza Vocational Institute, and director of 89.1 FM, a family radio station in Orlando, Florida, for which she hosts a daily show, A Better Day. She also has a weekly television program Omayra on NCN Television.

Omayra and her husband have four daughter and make their home in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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